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Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation—Made Simple
A Guidebook on How to Define Your Usage Needs, Design, Choose, Install, and Use an e-Bike Kit
Claude Rosay’s Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit Installation—Made Simple is a guidebook that shows the reader how to Design, Choose, Install and Use an e-bike kit. The reader will be taken through the entire process of building or buying an electric bicycle. Ultimately, the reader can confidently and easily make the build or buy decision.


The book begins by introducing the benefits, issues, limitations, and styles of electric bicycle use. It offers the readers multiple additional references on the topic in book form, web sites, and even an on-line community of electric bike enthusiasts. Part One offers a detailed Needs Survey that the reader is highly encouraged to complete documenting in essence the reader’s needs and environment. Part Two then dissects and analyzes the Needs Survey in Part One, question by question, in detail. The end result of Part Two is that the reader is now able to make a much better decision regarding their e-bike investment, and minimize the risk of costly surprises. Part Two helps the reader adjust their expectations, and in turn leads to a greater satisfaction with their Electric Bicycle. Part Three steps the reader through the installation. Part Four is about using the e-bike.


The readers will come away from the book with an excellent introductory knowledge of Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits. The knowledge will cover how to Design, Choose, Install and Use the e-bike kit. As well as achieving a greater understanding of the e-bike issues now, as well as the future in the e-bike on-line communities.


This book seeks to inspire, educate and empower the electric bike novice to take action now. You do not need to be an engineer to understand and make use of this technology or this book. The book defines the electric bicycle concept.  The cost savings potential of electric bicycles will also be reviewed. Six styles of electric bikes are defined and the reader is assisted in choosing which one is right for them to pursue.


The book will help the reader to define in very specific terms exactly how they will want to use an electric bicycle. Empowering the reader to decide the very first three things, which are:

1.         Should I purchase e-bike technology now?

2.         Should I buy an integrated e-bike that is ready to use or a conversion kit to upgrade a regular bike?

3.         What power and bike style should I use? 


Also, it is important to cite some of the current government regulations and technological limitations. And last but not least, let’s discuss how every one of us can help build a community of e-bike enthusiasts at www.eBikeBook.com to promote electric bicycles as a new and exciting green transportation opportunity.

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